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Pencil sketch: Andes Mountains over Malacatos

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Welcome to my website. I am Jasmina, a German architect living and working in Loja, Ecuador. Here, you will find a collection of projects and ideas related to architecture, interior design, graphic design, and photography.

In relation to Architecture & Interior design, my interests are sustainable architecture made with regrowing building materials such as bamboo and reed (Carrizo), traditional construction methods where earth (loam) is used as the main material, healthy and beautiful interiors satisfying the needs of the users, and which are created in harmony with the exterior surroundings. The projects I take on as an Architect and/ or Interior Designer become a personal matter, where I work with care, logic, and creativity to find the best solutions for my clients. For more about realized projects go to 2015 - now.

As a lecturer of subjects like Basics of Design and Model Building mainly in the field of architecture, I appreciate sharing and exchanging experiences and knowledge with my colleagues and students.
In Basics of Design, we focus on anthropometry as a basis for functional and intuitive designs, and we explore different strategies to create or reinterpret architectural spaces.
My Model building course is about the types of architectural models, their different scales, and their level of detail.  The aim of this course is to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge by means of the construction of an architectural presentation model at scale. Some content of my courses can be found in Teaching.

To see some photos, and read about plants, animals, and rural and urban landscapes in Ecuador go to Blog. Here my aim is to regularly upload some interesting observations from daily life.

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